My Kids Foot Doctor

My Kids Foot Doctor was established in 2013 by A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care - Sydney’s leading podiatry clinic. A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Care established in the Penrith /St Mary’s areas for over 20 years has lead the field in pro active Podiatry.

The dream for My Kids Foot Doctor has been long coming, after the need was recognised many years ago by founder, Podiatrist Brenden Brown. Like most good ideas it was born of frustration and the identification of a need!

After continuously treating kids who had at an earlier stage been told to wait out their foot and lower limb problems because they would come right themselves, OR Brenden’s Bug Bear of being told by health professionals “It’s just growing pain”despite the kids continuing to remain in pain and discomfort. Clearly, this method was not working, and yet, Brenden was seeing more and more kids that were still hearing this today.

Medicine is NOT about conditions, it’s about people!

Flat feet
This is best visually described by a very little or no arch formation, that is often accompanied by bulging on the insides of the feet. While the causes of flat feet vary, it is common to see flat feet running in families (literally and metaphorically).
High-arched feet
The arches of these feet appear extremely high and elevated. There are various causes including tightness in the musculature of the arch, muscular imbalance or due to the supinated position of the foot and ankle.
Metatarsus Adductus
These feet are often described as being shaped like kidneys or bananas, curving in towards the centre of the body. The ‘C’shape may be the result of the baby’s position in the womb, irregular bone shapes, abnormal muscular insertions or muscular tightness.

Brenden Brown

(Principal Podiatrist & Founder)
There are many ways to describe Brenden: energetic, enthusiastic, engaging, encouraging, enlivening. But if we were to sum it up with a word that doesn’t begin with the letter ‘e’, it’s passionate about life and his work - getting our new generations on their feet.
Brenden or “BB” as he is most often called has had a distinguished career including,
• President of the Australasian Podiatry Council.
• Senior Vice President of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW).
• Chair of the 2013 Australasian Podiatry Council Scientific Conference.
• Founder of A Step Ahead Podiatry, with clinics throughout Western Sydney

kids should not be in pain!

why us  YES there is relief for many kids from night pain!
why us  YES we can help with tripping and falling
why us  YES we can assist with in-toeing
why us  years of experience of working with kids
why us  YES there is relief from sore and tired feet and legs

Straight & Tall Project

Raise awareness on children’s foot health in Australia including the impact poor foot health can have on a happy healthy active lifestyle and provide a foot health screening to preschool aged kids.
MKFD has developed a program that introduces the concept of how important Healthy and strong feet are for an active healthy life style.

Foot health screening

We have undertaken complimentary screening to hundreds of kids in various preschools in Western Sydney, with plans to expand to more regions. The screening often alleviates any concerns parents may have about the development and health of their kids feet and lower limbs.

Kohler’s Disease

This is characterised by pain, swelling and warmth over the affected bone (navicular) located on the inner midfoot. A limited blood supply in the area results in aseptic necrosis, that is, the deadening of the bone, which will then re-form when treated.


At MKFD we see any problems that relate to your child feet or that stops them from doing the activity that they LOVE! From growing pains to toes that aren’t straight there is a strong chance our highly qualified and professional staff have treated it before.

As a guide we see many of the kids with the following and much more;

Growing pains Flat feet Pigeon toes
Heel pain Plantar warts High arches
In growing toe nails Tired aching feet Met adductus
Pain after sport or activity Toes that are misshapen or don’t look right Bowed legs
Knock knees Feet that roll in


Consultations are by appointment only

St Marys Clinic

Conveniently located a short 5 minute walk from St Marys train station and 2 minutes from the local bus stop.

24 Phillip Street
St Marys, NSW 2760

 (02) 9194 6111

Penrith Clinic

Located on the corner of Woodriff and Lethbridge streets with the entrance to our suite 20 metres from the corner on Lethbridge Street. The building is diagonally across the road from “Judges” carpark and a short stroll from the Penrith Bowling Club and RSL Club. There is plenty of street parking as well as local bus stops.

Cnr Lethbridge and Woodriff Street
Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 9194 6111

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